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As my husband often says, “One of the few things in life on this Earth that are constant,  is change.” 
At Corey’s request, I am sharing with you his short 2 year journey researching one of the fastest growing industries in the Pacific Northwest.

Thank you in advance for reading through to the end:

After many years of volunteering in various roles of several community out reach groups, committees, platforms and non-profit organizations I found that 2 glaring things many of these groups had in common was;
A. high levels of talk,
B. low levels of action or delivery.
What’s worse is that, among those groups, the very reason they formed was lost in process, smothered by greed & the lure of recognition.

Just a few short years ago I was approached by a friend of a friend asking that I perform an auction in downtown Portland for a non profit group who embraced counseled and advocated for children trafficked in the sex trade right in our area.
I’m not ashamed to tell you that 15-20 minutes into the consultation I found myself overcome with embarrassment in trying to wrap my head around the enormity of this specific hell I’d some how never acknowledged.
Secondly, the anger, surrounding the statistics recited just 10-12 miles from my front door and next was the raw emotion for these children who surely did not choose to be sold for sex over & over & over at 14 (the average age of entry into the sex trade)

Soon after that first exposure to a child trafficking story I began to research the entire industry. Not for (low %) prevention protocols but rather how to support the recovery efforts of those children finally freed from it all in a unique way. Because no treatment will be discovered for filthy adults who exploit children.

“Sex sells” does little to explain the multi million dollar profits generated by the UNDERGROUND COMMERCIAL SEX ECONOMY or “HUMAN TRAFFICKING”

Survivors of child trafficking endure an array of unspeakable acts, each day. It was first explained to me using drugs as a comparison except you have to then buy drugs to replace the ones you sold or grow them again … but with children, you don’t even need to wash them off from one door to the next. The amount of pain and trauma is insurmountable for some children ending their young life in overdose or suicide and especially among the youngest of survivors. (9-13)…Well I thought to myself, “We’ll just see about that.”

Forming a self supported non-profit was a necessary step in generating much needed revenue to fund efforts in the healing and protection of these children in an otherwise hopeless situation. Once in place we began seeking alignment with local area estate sale companies who would except a taxable donation for residual content from their sale in order for us to offer at live auction. We then began to look for a building, a location to hold monthly auctions in the community. Almost a year ago we secured a local property on the corner of Washington Street/Abernathy Road at the End of the Oregon Trail museum.
Though it took five months to remodel the building and then collect and move in ample donations to hold an auction in February 2018 we opened our doors deliberately on Super Bowl weekend (because Super Bowl week, historically, has the highest volume of the year for human trafficking)

Since February, we have grown to offer, not only, a complete menu of estate services for the greater Portland Metro area seniors but also reoccurring weekly LIVE Auctions at:
1702 Washington St.
Oregon City, Oregon 97045

Help us,
Help you,
Help children that are exploited by way of sex trafficking.

Thank you in advance for acknowledging our programs, liking our Facebook page(s) & sharing each post, be aware in your community… & then come enjoy a fun community live auction atmosphere where you may find your next favorite antique, collectible or oddity for little more than a song and help children you will likely never meet.

Saturdays at 7 PM 6 PM preview

Corey Stark – 503-898-9382

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