Effort is important... Knowing where to make an effort makes all the difference. We give children hope that the sun will rise tomorrow & no one can take their birthday away.

NW Giving Hope is a non-profit foundation founded to generate revenue to support the existing efforts of our community healing from the impact of commercial sexual exploitation of our youth. We are a unique organization, as we are raising funds through our NW Giving Hope Foundation Thrift Shop, Live Auctions, and the support of our Estate Sales. We are driven to exceed the expectations of every disadvantaged child we seek to serve. As part of our efforts to heal these youth and our community we additionally provide awareness to those unaware of this fast growing problem. Did you know, the average age of entry is 14 years old; the youngest child being served in our community was only 8 years old. We spread awareness by boldly talking about this real life issue with our customers before each sale and at our Thrift Shop. Our approach is forward thinking, determined to ambitiously give hope to a hopeless child through the sale of collectibles oddities and antiques at our Thrift Shop and sales. ...but why? Why would we do that??….well, because it matters...because children matter....because if given a whisper of a chance to make a child deliriously happy even if just for a moment in time, we just might alter the path into their particular darkness forever....and how cool is that!!

NW Giving Hope Foundation


This new Thrift Shop is amazing! There are so many incredible items at such great prices! And shopping to help these kids have a loving home, it is just amazing!

NW Giving Hope Foundation

Holli Nicole

I went to NW Giving Hope Thrift Shop today. Great establishment with many options!! And all for a good cause. I got a bag full of amazing books that I had been looking for. And that's only one little bite into what they have! Can't wait to go back ❤️


I found the best pricing for a tv that works great, a new couch and coffee table! Thank you Northwest Giving Hope thrift shop!


If you're in Oregon City area, consider visiting this Thrift Shop as it's very well organized and the proceeds give hope to the children affected by the ever growing sex trafficking trade. It's not a statistic Portland should be proud of 

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